About Us

The SchoolRoom is a progressive early childhood education center that nurtures, protects, and ignites the sense of wonder in children by providing developmentally appropriate programs founded in the principles of child development.


We are a school of compassion. Our personalized education approaches students holistically, taking into account their individual talents and aptitudes. SchoolRoom children are showered with love and affection from the first moment they enter our school doors.


We produce children who are critical thinkers and learners, capable of sound decision-making, effective problem-solving, and with a healthy emotional well-being. We engage the child’s imagination and sense of wonder, which we believe are the cornerstones of a lifelong love for learning. Graduates of our programs are easily integrated into top primary schools in the country: Ateneo de Manila University, La Salle Greenhills, St. Pedro Poveda College, St. Paul, ICA, and Reedley International School.


We take play and the arts seriously at the SchoolRoom. Our students are given abundant opportunities for individual and collaborative projects and play based activities to nurture their skills and talents.


At The SchoolRoom, we value joy and laughter in the classroom. We work together with parents and guardians to provide nourishing school and home environments for children.


Redefine each childhood education through progressive learning approach to create a community of learners who are confident, curious and well-rounded.


We mold children into critical thinkers and learners, capable of sound decision making, effective problem solving and a healthy emotional well being.

What makes us unique from others?

  1. We advocate to provide quality early childhood education using Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP) through a conscientiously planned curriculum.
  2. Our nurturing and caring educators are dedicated to fostering each child’s love for learning by providing meaningful experiences with the intention of developing their five areas of child development (physical, cognitive, social & emotional, language & literacy, and sensory & motor development).
  3. We value children, most especially their needs and interests. The over-all development of children and their success in both school and in life are our main priority.
  4. We value play as the medium of learning and exploration for young children. Through play and a carefully planned curriculum, children develop to become lifelong learners who are confident, independent, and compassionate individuals.