It's about time  parents start sending their toddlers to daycare

Where to leave their child when they go to work has been a long standing dilemma of parents.Some choose to leave their parents at home with a nanny or have their children over at a relative’s place. However, there is an option that is more beneficial for the child’s development,especially during their early years in life.

Day care centers offer fun and educational activities that will stimulate your child’s learning,which can be an enriching opportunity to give to your child. There are different reasons why daycare centers are the way to go.

1. They get to be with children their age

One of the many ways your child can learn is through socialization. Studies show that children who are exposed to relationships with peers at an early age get along better with other people as an adult. Day care centers offer a safe, nurturing, and efficient environment for children to build relationships with other children who are 1.5 – 5 years of age, under the supervision of an early childhood educator.

The SchoolRoom offers a full- day care program designed to promote interaction with other children of the same age range.

2. There is a solid structure

The activities in day care centers are based from childcare philosophies. For instance, The SchoolRoom uses Developmentally Appropriate Practices, or DAP, in formulating activities for the children. This approach not only maximizes their learning, but also makes sure that they are having fun in the process.

“It’s an avenue for parents who would rather put their children in a safe and enriching environment than having them stay at home and just watch television or shows from the internet. There will be various activities set for the day that taps into the child’s over-all development. There will be lunch and nap times, especially for the younger children. I’m an advocate of outdoor play, so there will be games and some outdoor activities. More importantly, time throughout the day will facilitate active learning experiences for the child that will be developmentally appropriate for their learning” said Tiffany Yu, The SchoolRoom School Directress.

3. They will not get bored

Since day care centers have activities scheduled for the child’s stay, they will surely not be idle. Sometimes, when you leave your child at home, they tend to stay indoors all day. They are not doing any form of physical activities or social interaction that is essential to a child’s well-being.

The SchoolRoom’s day care program is a mix of active and quiet times to foster a well-balanced day. The children will be given time for child-directed and teacher-directed activities that cultivate the child’s lifelong love for learning.

4. They are sure to be in good hands

Leaving your child at home means leaving them with someone to take care of them. At day care centers, early childhood educators are trained and knowledgeable professionals who will be looking after your child.

The SchoolRoom has preschool educators that are well-adept with methods of teaching specifically for early childhood in a DAP environment.

“Every educator at the SchoolRoom will be trained throughout the year. We will have training at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of the schoolyear. Training developmentally appropriate ways in taking care of young children is crucial for every child’s success and growth. As such, The SchoolRoom teachers should have background in early childhood education to understand the importance of their role in interacting with young children,” explained Miss Yu.

5. They are sure to be safe

Safety is one of the major concerns of parents when they go to work and leave their child. It is also The SchoolRoom’s major priority. That is why the School will also put to place CCTVs and magnetic locks on the doors.

Consider these things when making a decision on where to leave your child when you go off to work. While you make the means to provide for them, make sure they are also provided with a safe and nurturing learning environment rich in acitvities that will work wonders to your children’s development during these crucial years.

If you are interested in the progressive school and DAP approach, particularly The SchoolRoom, you may visit the facility at AIC Gold Tower Unit, 106 Sapphire Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. For more information, you can call up (02) 632-7754 or 09178365222. You can also visit their website via