10 Reasons Why The SchoolRoom Could Be The Perfect Choice for Your Child

Parents want the very best for their children. They want their little ones to experience the healthiest food, sleep on the softest comforters, bathe in the mildest bath soaps and so on. Naturally, they will also want their children to receive the best education as much as possible, especially during their children’s formative years. Early childhood education is essential for every child as it will lay the foundation of their education for the rest of their lives. Their motivation for learning and ability to relate to others are specially honed during this period.


Moreover, preschool and early childhood education helps prepare them for Big School. If they are prepared, chances are they will also be successful. They will easily adjust and focus their energy on learning instead of getting overwhelmed.


But more than just getting preschool education, the quality should be an utmost priority of the parents. The kind of education the child will receive in preschool will be the quality of knowledge the child will carry over to the next level. The SchoolRoom shared how they make themselves one of the top-notch preschools in town.


“We want to provide a preschool that is accessible and would have quality standards in early childhood education,” says The SchoolRoom President, Miss Raquel Perez-Wong.





Stepping inside the halls of The SchoolRoom, gives you a different kind of experience. The classrooms are specifically designed to cater to different learning centers. The art center, for example, will tap into their aesthetics. They will learn about colors and what happens when you mix them. There is a manipulative center where there are puzzles and blocks that will help them develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills. The fine motor or writing center will develop their muscles to strengthen their fingers for when they start learning how to write. All these centers are built to zone in on different learning areas of the students in an integrated and engaging manner.


Safety is also The SchoolRoom’s utmost priority. The classrooms, as well as the toys and materials, are all child-friendly. The physical structure was also renovated to ensure safety and security. CCTV cameras, magnetic locks, and rubber mats will be put in place.




The SchoolRoom is led by educators who have been in the industry for years and have an extensive background in early childhood education.


“Qualified and trained teachers are important in an early childhood setting. At the SchoolRoom, we will be training teachers all throughout the year to allow for growth and professional development. It is also significant that teachers have a background in education in order for them to understand the needs of the child and therefore, be able to create lessons appropriate to their developmental level,” says Miss Tiffany Yu, The SchoolRoom’s Directress.


Furthermore, the facility will strive to provide for the best early childhood education experience for their students and this can be achieved by developing qualified, educated, nurturing, and loving teachers.


“Training teachers allows us to make sure that everything is aligned with what we would like to achieve. What we focus on is a certain manner the teachers have to project,” says Miss Perez-Wong.


The SchoolRoom educators believe that parents will always play a big role in their child’s development. This is why The SchoolRoom works closely, and maintains constant communication with the parents. They believe that working hand in hand with the parent will optimize the success of the child’s preschool education.




There are a lot of early childhood learning approaches, but for The SchoolRoom, they advocate Developmentally Appropriate Practice, or DAP. It targets the child’s learning needs and adjusts the curriculum to make sure the child receives only the best. Their socio-cultural background, interests and learning pace are all put into consideration.




Preschool is one of the venues where children get to meet their first friends. Getting along with others and learning how to socialize are some of the most important skills a child needs, especially when entering big school.


The SchoolRoom encourages harmony among the students by having lots of activities and gross motor games that will get the kids together. There is even a buddy system to help the shy kids step out of their shells.


“One of the important things children gain from preschool is socialization. It’s how they interact with others and make meaningful bonds with their peers. The socialization aspect is an essential part of their growth,” says Miss Yu.




Who says learning can’t be fun?


There are different activities like singing and painting that will surely keep your child engaged—and they vary every single day! But of course, these activities follow the tenets of DAP.


“We want them to feel like they’re not in a typical classroom setting. We want the children to appreciate and enjoy what they’re doing so when they enter the traditional set up, they will not be overwhelmed,” says Perez-Wong.


Even while they are having fun, the children will still be learning the essential skills they need for Big School success. For instance, singing songs about shapes will help them identify the different shapes. Storytelling will feature characters like Mr. Triangle to get the idea of shapes in their minds. Instead of rewards stars, they will get stamps that remind them of the lesson for that day like “I learned triangles!”


It is very rewarding for children to tell stories of what they have learned.





The SchoolRoom believes that there should be a balance between academic and social activities. Aside from all the valuable lessons the child will learn inside the classroom, they will also be given the opportunity to explore the environment around them.  This is, of course, under the watchful eyes of early childhood professionals.


This way, the children will not only develop their cognitive skills, but have a healthy dose of physical well-being, too.




The SchoolRoom offers different programs that will cater to different needs of both the children and the parents. There are different activities and time schedules for the programs. There are programs designed and offered during summer and the regular school year.


Each program caters to different forms of development, but are all based on DAP. The Infant- Toddler level is for children 2 years old. 3 year olds are admitted to the Nursery level and 4 year olds can apply for the Pre-Kindergarten level. Five year olds can go for the Kindergarten level. All programs have a morning and afternoon session to accommodate the time that best suits your schedule. They also added a daycare program that accepts children as young as 1.5 years old.




As mentioned earlier, the teachers are well adept with early childhood education knowledge. However, the true edge of the staff and teachers of The SchoolRoom is how they express love and care for the students by really taking the time to know them individually.


They will foster relationships with children, not only to help them adjust to preschool, but also because they truly care about the well-being of each child.


The SchoolRoom also puts forward positive reinforcement. Positive praises and gentle reminders will be passed around to also instill value formation in each child. Courtesy, empathy, and kindness are just some of the values the teachers will be imparting through example.




More than teaching academics to the children, what the people behind The SchoolRoom want to instill in every child is the love for learning. This value will not just be a preparation for taking on higher levels of education, but it’s something they will carry their entire lives.


“It’s so important because if you foster that love for learning, you raise your children to be confident and responsible individuals who think on their own two feet, who genuinely care for others, and who live satisfying and useful lives. That’s how you know they will be successful both in school and in life. DAP is all about developing a lifelong love for learning,” says Miss Yu.




Since The SchoolRoom wants to work closely with you for the development of your child, getting in touch with them is easy! Their email and phone lines are open to happily accommodate inquiries.


The SchoolRoom’s location is easily accessible at the heart of Ortigas, but good news; they are planning to expand very soon.


The SchoolRoom is located at AIC Gold Tower Unit, 106 Sapphire Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. For more information, you can call up (02) 632-7754 or 09178365222. You can also visit their website via http://www.theschoolroom.ph/.