The SchoolRoom Daycare

Topics under the SchoolRoom Daycare will be thematic offering learning opportunities within a relaxing ten (10) hour day. The activities/routines are listed below, but may also be subject to further adjustment depending on the needs of the child.

  1. Centers Time
    1. Art
    2. Manipulatives
    3. Sensory
    4. Free Writing/Fine Motor Development
    5. Blocks Area
    6. Dramatic Play Area
    7. Library Area
  2. Circle Time
    1. Good Morning Song
    2. Name Recognition
    3. Calendar
    4. Day of the Week
    5. Weather of the Day
    6. Story
  3. Snack Time
  4. Gross Motor Play
  5. Lunch Time
  6. Quiet Time/Enrichment Period (for older children)
  7. Nap Time
  8. Music and Movement Activity
  9. Sensory and Discovery Development (Water and Sand Table)
  10. Good Bye