Kinder Level

The Kindergarten level is your child’s first milestone in entering Big School. This program aims to develop, hone, and master your child’s knowledge on reading (C-V-C words) and sight reading, formal writing skills, simple addition & subtraction skills, pattern recognition, to say the least. This program simultaneously builds on your child becoming responsible and kind stewards to his community while adopting a zest for learning the world around him. In addition, this program provides avenues for over-all learning by helping him or her achieve objectives needed for Big School success through a balance of teacher-directed and child-directed activities.

To be specific, the goals and objectives of educators will concentrate on skills catered to this specific level through a report card. The Report Card will tackle on the mastery of fine and gross motor skills, the healthy development of their personality and character, their social and emotional development, their individual work habits and conduct, and their over-all intellectual development.