Nursery Level

Physical Development
Gross Motor Skills

  • To display eye-foot-hand coordination (ex. Kicks a ball, catches a ball, throws a ball)
  • To be able to walk up and down the stairs with balance and coordination
  • To display quick reaction time to signals
  • To run with control, with direction and speed
  • To climb up and down tall equipment (ex. Ladder, jungle gym).

Fine Motor Skills

  • To trace the letters of his/her name
  • To hold a pencil using the tripod grip
  • To be able to cut straight lines using scissors
  • To be able to trace straight, curved, and zig-zag lines with ease
  • To be able to independently apply self-help skills (ex. Changing of shirt, zipping of bags or pants, putting on socks)

Cognitive Development

  • To master the letters of the alphabet
  • To identify letter sounds
  • To identify and understand the symbols of the numbers 1 – 20.
  • To identify basic and complex shapes
  • To identify primary and secondary colors
  • To be able to extend three part patterns (ABCABC)
  • To understand opposites
  • To show curiosity and willingness to learn

Social and Emotional Development

  • To demonstrate confidence in himself or herself and can work independently
  • To be able to work cooperatively with others on completing tasks
  • To respect the rights and properties of others and self
  • To demonstrate problem-solving skills in resolving conflict.
  • To be able to follow classroom rules, routines, and exhibit a sense of responsibility towards tasks.

Language, Literacy, and Language Development

  • To speak with confidence, clarity and with proper diction.
  • To speak in complete sentences
  • To identify upper case and lower case letters of the alphabet
  • To identify letter sounds
  • To be able to write his or her name independently and with control and precision.
  • To be able to write numbers from 1 – 10 in both number form and in written form.