Pre-K Level

Physical Development
Gross Motor Skills

  • To be able to walk, run, skip, and hop with control over direction and speed.
  • To be able to move in coordinated games such as basketball or football
  • To be able to show directionality by moving objects forward, backward, sideways, or through other positional means.
  • To be able to follow rhythm of music and show coordination through action and movement.

Fine Motor Skills

  • To be able to write his or her name independently, using the proper upper and lower case format.
  • To be able to create block structures that display balance and symmetry.
  • To be able to cut in a comfortable manner, through either straight, curved, or other means.
  • To be able to independently practice proper hygiene (ex. Wiping of nose, zipping up pants, etc.)
  • To be able to draw simple pictures through memory.

Cognitive Development

  • To be able to use thinking skills that requires creative, problem-solving, or reasoning skills.
  • To be able to master letter recognition and sounds
  • To be able to master number identification from 1 -50
  • To be able to complete complex puzzles

Social and Emotional Development

  • To be able to identify his or her full name, birthday, residence, and names of his or her parents.
  • To be able to display interest and excitement for classroom activities.
  • To be open and receptive to new experiences
  • To accept responsibility as an individual.
  • To exert self-control of strong feelings by demonstrating acceptable behavior in the face of difficulty or frustration

Language, Literacy, and Communication Development

  • To be able to speak in full and complete sentences
  • To be able to understand and apply the use of positional terms in the classroom.
  • To be able to follow 3 to 4 step instructional activities with ease.
  • To be able to read simple CVC words, and respective word families.
  • To be able to sight read classmates’ names.
  • To be able to perform simple addition and subtraction using manipulative materials.